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Senator Sandy Macdonald, at the request of Senator Newman, amended

Senator Newman's notice of motion by leave and, pursuant to notice,

moved--That the following matters be referred to the Foreign Affairs,

Defence and Trade References Committee for inquiry and report on or

before 27 March 1995:

(1) In relation to the death of Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF)

Flight Lieutenant Glen Donovan in the crash of the Nomad

aircraft A18-401 on 12 March 1990:

(a) whether the interests of the deceased and his family

have been given adequate support by the Commonwealth;

(b) the failure of anyone to pursue the question of

individual responsibility for actions contributing to

the failure to detect the dangerous condition of Nomad

A18-401 in a defence force in which the highest levels

of professional expertise and quality assurance are


(c) what action, if any, could still be taken against

individuals alleged to have committed disciplinary

offences in connection with the crash of Nomad A18-401;

(d) what amendments, if any, should be made to the Defence

Force Discipline Act 1982 to ensure that statutory time

limits cannot operate in the future to prevent

disciplinary action where the alleged offences have led

to the death or serious injury of defence force

members; and

(e) whether the Ombudsman's recommendations in relation to

the Civil Aviation Authority and AeroSpace Technologies

Australia Limited have been satisfactorily and fully

implemented, and whether these organisations have

properly addressed the issue of personal responsibility

reasonably to be expected of their employees.

(2) In relation to the Ombudsman's investigation of the adequacy of

the RAAF response to the loss of Nomad A18-401, whether reports

of the Ombudsman of this kind should not be tabled in both

Houses of Parliament as expeditiously as possible.

(3) Such other matters arising in the course of the committee's

inquiry in relation to the crash and the Ombudsman's report as

the committee determines are reasonably relevant to reporting on

the foregoing terms of reference.

Debate adjourned till the next day of sitting, Senator Sandy Macdonald

in continuation.