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The following documents were tabled by the Clerk:

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission

Act--Rules--1994--Regional Council Election (Amendment No. 4).

Aged or Disabled Persons Care Act--Determination--1994-95 No. 7.

Antarctic Marine Living Resources Conservation

Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 No. 345.

Australian Meat and Live-stock Corporation Act--Orders--1994 Nos

M71/94 and MQ55/94-MQ57/94.

Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation Act--Regulations--Statutory

Rules--1994 No. 338.

Bounty (Bed Sheeting) Act--Return for 1993-94.

Bounty (Books) Act--Return for 1993-94.

Bounty (Citric Acid) Act--Return for 1993-94.

Bounty (Computers) Act--Return for 1993-94.

Bounty (Machine Tools and Robots) Act--Return for 1993-94.

Bounty (Printed Fabrics) Act--Return for 1993-94.

Bounty (Ships) Act--Return for 1993-94.

Bounty and Capitalisation Grants (Textile Yarns) Act--Return for


Christmas Island Act--Christmas Island Casino Control

Ordinance--Christmas Island Casino Approved Forms for Financial

Statements and Accounts.

Civil Aviation Act--Orders--Parts--

105--dated 11, 12[2], 13[2], 17[6], 19, 20, 26, 28[7] and 31 October

1994[6], 1, 2[3] and 3 November 1994.

106--dated 13, 17 and 31 October 1994.

107--dated 10, 17[2], 18, 19 and 31 October 1994.

Civil Aviation (Carriers' Liability) Act--Regulations--Statutory

Rules--1994 No. 356.

Coarse Grains Levy Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 No. 355.

Construction Industry Reform and Development

Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 No. 336.

Customs Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 No. 351.

Defence Act--Determinations under section 58B--1994 Nos 47 and 48.

Director of Public Prosecutions Act--Directions under section 8, dated

3 October 1994.

Export Control Act--Orders--1994 No. 3.

Family Law Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 Nos 343 and 344.

First Home Owners Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 No. 347.

Fisheries Levy Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 No. 358.

Fishing Levy Act and Fisheries Management Act--Regulations--Statutory

Rules--1994 No. 342.

Foreign Evidence Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 No. 333.

Health Insurance Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 Nos 350 and


Higher Education Funding Act--Determinations--1994 Nos T22-T26.

Industrial Relations Act--Rules of Court--Statutory Rules--1994 No.


Insurance (Agents and Brokers) Act--Decision-making

principles--1994No. 1.

Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters Act--Regulations--Statutory

Rules--1994 No. 334.

National Health Act--

Determinations--1994 HIT 11 and HIT 12.

Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 Nos 348 and 349.

Petroleum (Submerged Lands) Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994

No. 339.

Plant Breeder's Rights Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 Nos 352

and 353.

Primary Industries Levies and Charges Collection Act and Coarse Grains

Levy Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 No. 354.

Primary Industries Levies and Charges Collection Act, Horticultural

Levy Act and Horticultural Export Charge Act--Regulations--Statutory

Rules--1994No. 337.

Public Service Act--Determination--1994 No. LES 22.

Remuneration Tribunal Act--

Determinations--1994 Nos 26 and 27.

Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 No. 360.

Superannuation Act 1976--Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 Nos 335,

346 and 359.

Taxation Administration Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 No.


Telecommunications Act 1991--

Notice under section 246--1994 No. TN 2.

Technical Standard--1992 No. TS 005--Amendment 1994 No. 2.

Veterans' Entitlements Act--

Instruments under section 196B--1994 Nos 46-61.

Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 No. 341.