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The following Government documents were tabled pursuant to the order of

the Senate of 18 August 1993:

Administrative Review Council--Reports to the Minister for Justice--

Administrative review and funding programs: A case study of

community services programs (No. 37).

Environmental decisions and the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (No.


Advance to the Minister for Finance--Statement and Supporting

Applications of Issues--August 1994.

Australian Industrial Property Organisation--Trade Marks Office--Trade

Marks Regulations--Exposure Draft.

Census of Population and Housing--Press release--Parliamentary

Secretary to the Treasurer (the Hon. Paul Elliott), 6 September 1994.

Commonwealth Grants Commission--Report for 1993-94.

Employment, Education and Training Act--National Board of Employment,

Education and Training--Employment and Skills Formation

Council--Theshape of things to come: Small business employment and

skills, August 1994.

Governor-General Act--Office of the Official Secretary to the

Governor--General--Report for 1993-94.

Industry Commission Act--Industry Commission--Report--The tobacco

growing and manufacturing industries, 29 June 1994 (No. 39).

Official Establishments Trust--Report for 1993-94.