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The following documents were tabled by the Clerk:

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission

Act--Determinations--1994--under section--

142M--Allowances of members of Torres Strait Regional Authority

Advisory Committees--No. 1.

143K--Allowances of--

Chairperson of the Torres Strait Regional Authority--No. 1.

Deputy Chairperson and members of the Torres Strait Regional

Authority--No. 1.

143N--TSRA (Members) (Pecuniary Interests)--No. 1.

144J--Allowances of General Manager of the Torres Strait Regional

Authority--No. 1.

144ZG--Allowances of Administrator of the Torres Strait Regional

Authority--No. 1.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission Amendment Act (No. 3)

1993--Determination under section 38, dated 5 July 1994.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Heritage Protection

Act--Declarations--1994--under section--

9--No. 7--proposed Hindmarsh Island Bridge.

10--No. 9--proposed Hindmarsh Island Bridge.

12--No. 8--Strehlow Collection.

Aged or Disabled Persons Care Act--Determination--1994-95 No. GC1.

Agricultural and Veterinary Chemical Products (Collection of Interim

Levy) Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 No. 215.

Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals Act--Regulations--Statutory

Rules--1994 No. 216.

Audit Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 No. 213.

Australian Citizenship Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 Nos 218

and 262.

Australian National University Act--Statutes--Nos 231 and 232.

Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation

Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 No. 259.

Australian Postal Corporation Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994

No. 243.

Bankruptcy Act--Rules--Statutory Rules--1994 No. 214.

Banks (Shareholdings) Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 No. 207.

Broadcasting Services Act--Notice of Events--1994 No. BSE 1.

Christmas Island Act--

Casino Control Ordinance--Appointment of members, dated 17 July


Ordinance--1994 No. 2.

Civil Aviation Act--

Exemptions--1994 Nos 03 and 05.


105--dated 24 and 30 June 1994 (2), 1, 4(2) 5, 7, 8(2), 12(2),

13(3), 14(3), 20(2), 21(2), 22, 28 and 29 July 1994 (2), 1, 2(2),

3(2), 4, 5, 8 and 10 August 1994.

106--dated 13, 14 and 29 July 1994 and 3 August 1994.

107--dated 29 June 1994 and 1, 8 and 12 July 1994 and 5 August


Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 No. 260.

Cocos (Keeling) Islands Act--Ordinance--1994 No. 3.

Corporations Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 Nos 199, 221 and


Customs Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 Nos 241 and 242.

Defence Act--

Defence Force Remuneration Tribunal--Determination--1994 No. 12.

Determinations under section 58B--1994--Nos 25-32.

Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 No. 245.

Education Services for Overseas Students (Registration of Providers

and Financial Regulation) Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 No.


Export Control Act--Export Control (Orders) Regulations--Livestock

Export (Merino) Orders--1994 No. 1.

Family Law Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 Nos 252 and 275.

Federal Court of Australia Act--Rules of Court--Statutory Rules--1994

Nos 224 and 279.

Fisheries Levy Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 No. 235.

Fishing Levy Act and Fisheries Management Act--Regulations--Statutory

Rules--1994 Nos 234 and 236.

Health Insurance Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 Nos 233 and


Health Insurance Commission Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994

No. 257.

Higher Education Funding Act--Determinations--1994 Nos T18 and T19.

Horticultural Policy Council Act--Horticultural Policy Council

Regulations--Orders--1994 No. 1.

Immigration (Education) Charge Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994

No. 263.

Imported Food Control Act--Imported Food Control

Regulations--Orders--1994 No. 2.

Income Tax Assessment Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 No. 219.

Industrial Relations Act--

Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 No. 244.

Rules--Statutory Rules--1994 No. 246.

Insurance Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 No. 277.

Interstate Road Transport Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 No.


Lands Acquisition Act--

Statements (2) describing property acquired by agreement under

subsection 40(1) of the Act for specified public purposes.

Statement describing property acquired by agreement under section

125 of the Act for specified public purposes.

Marine Navigation Levy Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 No.


Migration Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 Nos 240, 264-268 and


Migration Act and Migration Reform Act--Regulations--Statutory

Rules--1994 Nos 261 and 281.

Military Superannuation and Benefits Act--Declaration--Statutory

Rules--1994 No. 278.

National Health Act--

Declarations--1994 Nos PB 10 and PB 11.

Determinations--1994 Nos HIT 6-HIT 8 and PB 12.

Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 Nos 201, 253 and 256.

Native Title Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 No. 239.

Navigation Act--Marine Orders--1994 Nos 7-9.

Passports Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 No. 205.

Petroleum (Submerged Lands) Fees Act--Regulations--Statutory

Rules--1994 No. 237.

Primary Industries and Energy Research and Development

Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 No. 203.

Primary Industries Levies and Charges Collection Act, Forest

Industries Research Export Charge Act, Forest Industries Research

Import Charge Act and Forest Industries Research Levy

Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 No. 204.

Proceeds of Crime Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 No. 238.

Public Service Act--

Determinations--1994 Nos 38, 39, 53-68, 70-76, 137-142 and LES

10-LES 15.

Parliamentary Presiding Officers' Determination--1994 No. 4.

Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 No. 202.

Quarantine Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 No. 274.

Remuneration Tribunal Act--

Determinations--1994 Nos 11-17.

Report--1994 No. 1.

Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act--

Notices of Declaration--1994--

No. ACT1 pursuant to sections 4 and 5.

No. CA1 pursuant to section 4.

No. Pe1 pursuant to section 97.

Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 No. 258.

Seat of Government Administration Act 1910--Australian Capital

Territory Classification of Publications Ordinance--Determination of

fees, dated 9 June 1994.

Superannuation Act 1976--

Declaration--Statutory Rules--1994 No. 212.

Determination under section 240--Superannuation (CSS) Assets

Transfer (CAA Staff Superannuation Fund) No. 5, dated 20 July 1994.

Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 Nos 231, 232, 247-249 and


Superannuation Act 1990--

Amendment (eighth) to the Trust Deed pursuant to section 5, dated 28

June 1994.

Declarations--Statutory Rules--1994 Nos 217, 250, 269 and 270.

Superannuation (Productivity Benefit) Act--

Declarations--Statutory Rules--1994 Nos 208-210.

Determination--Statutory Rules--1994 No. 211.

Supported Accommodation Assistance Act 1989--Variation agreement

between the Commonwealth of Australia and--

Northern Territory, dated 14 June 1994.

Tasmania, dated 20 June 1994.

Western Australia, dated 15 June 1994.

Taxation (Interest on Overpayments) Act--Regulations--Statutory

Rules--1994 No. 220.

Telecommunications (Carrier Licence Fees) Act--Regulations--Statutory

Rules--1994 No. 225.

Therapeutic Goods Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 No. 222.

Therapeutic Goods (Charges) Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994

No. 223.

Veterans' Entitlements Act--Instruments--1994--Nos 2, 4 and 8.

Wheat Marketing Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 No. 254.

Wool Tax Act (No. 1)--Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 No. 226.

Wool Tax Act (No. 2)--Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 No. 227.

Wool Tax Act (No. 3)--Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 No. 228.

Wool Tax Act (No. 4)--Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 No. 229.

Wool Tax Act (No. 5)--Regulations--Statutory Rules--1994 No. 230.