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The Minister for the Environment, Sport and Territories (Senator

Faulkner), pursuant to notice of motion not objected to as a formal

motion, moved--That--

(1) On Thursday, 30 June 1994, the hours of meeting shall be:

9.30 a.m.--6.30 p.m.

7.30 p.m.--10.30 p.m.;

and the question for the adjournment shall be proposed at 10.30

p.m. or at the completion of the consideration of the following

Government Business orders of the day, whichever is the earlier:

Social Security Legislation Amendment Bill (No. 2) 1994

Plant Breeder's Rights Bill 1994

Financial Agreement Bill 1994

National Debt Sinking Fund Repeal Bill 1994

Crimes (Child Sex Tourism) Amendment Bill 1994

Witness Protection Bill 1994

Evidence and Procedure (New Zealand) Bill 1993

Evidence and Procedure (New Zealand) (Transitional Provisions

and Consequential Amendments) Bill 1993

Consideration of a message from the House of Representatives

relating to the Corporations Legislation Amendment Bill 1994.

(2) The routine of business be as for a Thursday, except that the

question for the adjournment shall be proposed in accordance

with paragraph (1).

Question put and passed.