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The Minister for Trade (Senator McMullan) moved--Thatthe Senate do now


Debate ensued.

Documents: Senator Tambling, by leave, tabled the following documents:

Northern Australia--

Commonwealth Department of Housing and Regional Development--Office

of Northern Development, Darwin--Final Report--Towards the

development of a North Australia social justice strategy, dated

March 1994.

Portfolio discussion/briefing papers--

No. 1--Resource development--Northern Australia, dated October


No. 2--Road, rail and sea transport issues--Northern Australia,

dated October 1990.

No. 3--Export potential--Northern Australia, dated December 1990.

No. 4--Social security/welfare issues, dated December 1990.

No. 5--Poverty in Northern Australia, dated February 1991.

Debate continued.

The Senate adjourned at 7.34 p.m. till tomorrow at 9.30 a.m.