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Contingent notice of motion: Senator Campbell, at the request of the

Leader of the Opposition in the Senate (Senator Hill):

(1) To move (contingent on the Minister for Trade (Senator

McMullan), before the commencement of any item of business on

any day, not laying on the table the documents referred to in

paragraph (2))--That so much of the standing orders be suspended

as would prevent the Leader of the Opposition in the Senate

(Senator Hill) moving a motion that any motion moved by Senator

McMullan for:

(a) the introduction of any bill;

(b) the consideration of any stage of any bill; or

(c) in committee of the whole, any amendment or any request

for amendment to any bill;

not be put until he has undertaken to lay the documents on the


(2) The documents referred to in paragraph (1) are documents


(a) the effective net rental rates; and

(b) the outgoings payable per square metre;

in the Casselden Place building in Melbourne, Victoria, under the

leases of the Commonwealth agencies currently or previously known

as Projects, Interiors and Assets Services, being documents:

(a) which Senator McMullan, on 5 May 1994 and 10 May 1994,

was ordered by the Senate to lay on the table, which

orders he disobeyed; and

(b) for the failure to table which Senator McMullan was

censured by the Senate on 10 May 1994 and ordered to

purge his contempt by tabling the documents, which he

did not do.

Notices of motion:

Senator Kemp: To move on the next day of sitting--That the following

bill be introduced: A Bill for an Act to amend the Flags Act 1953 to

ensure that the Australian National Flag is not altered except with the

approval of the Australian people voting in a referendum, that the

Australian National Flag is not supplanted by use of the powers under

the Act, and that the appointment of other flags and ensigns is subject

to disallowance by either House of the Parliament. Flags Amendment Bill


Senator Spindler: To move on the next day of sitting--

(1) That a report by the Auditor-General be laid on the table, as

soon as practicable, on the following questions in relation to

leases in the Casselden Place building in Melbourne which were

the subject of the orders of the Senate of 5 May 1994 and 10 May


(a) when was an agreement reached between Projects,

Interiors and Assets Services on the one hand and the

lessor of office space now occupied by those businesses

at Casselden Place, Melbourne, on the other;

(b) at the time of the agreement, was the agreed net rent

to be paid by these businesses above or below average

per square metre rental being paid in respect of

comparable office accommodationin Melbourne;

(c) did the rental figure contained in the original

agreement reflect a subsidy under the property

adjustment program or otherwise being paid to either of

the parties;

(d) from 1 December 1992, was the rent that was actually

paid by these businesses above or below average per

square metre rental being paid in respect of comparable

office accommodation in Melbourne since that date;

(e) does the rent that has been paid since 1 December 1992

reflect a discounting or subsidisation outside the

range of normal commercial dealing;

(f) if the answer to (e) is yes, was any part of that

subsidisation paid from the property adjustment program

or by other direct or indirect subsidisation by the

Commonwealth Government; and

(g) have these businesses operated on a fully commercial

basis since taking up tenancy in these premises.

(2) That the Auditor-General be provided with the

informationnecessary to compile the report required by paragraph


(3) That the Privileges Committee, in considering the Parliamentary

Privileges Amendment (Enforcement of Lawful Orders) Bill 1994

referred to the committee on 12 May 1994, consider this

particular instance of refusal by a Minister to produce

documents in response to an order of the Senate, and the report

by the Auditor-General under paragraph (1).

Senator Crane: To move on the next day of sitting--That the Senate--

(a) notes:

(i) the latest International Wool Secretariatstudy which

shows that China was the world's leading customer for

raw wool for the first time in 1993, with demand

amounting to about 20 per cent of world production, and

(ii) that about two-thirds of wool used in China is

imported, with Australian supplies accounting for 50

per cent of total imports;

(b) recognises that Australia produces between 75 and 80 per cent of

the world's total tradeable wool;

(c) acknowledges that forecasts show that raw wool and top imports

into China could well increase nearly 60 per cent from 1992 to

2000; and

(d) calls on the Federal Government to outline what policy steps it

intends to take to increase our relatively low share of the

Chinese market to take advantage of the positive growth

forecasts, particularly with regard to tariff barriers against

the import of first stage processed Australian wool into China.

Senator Spindler: To move on the next day of sitting--That the Senate--

(a) notes the Saulwick Age Poll, on 9 June 1994, which shows that

the vast majority of Australians rejects the Government's

laissez faire policies and believes that the Government should

intervene to protect local manufacturers from cheap imports;

(b) recognises the link between deregulated international trade and

the exploitation of workers and the environment in the Third


(c) deplores the position taken by the Government at the recent New

York meeting of the Commission for Sustainable Development,

which isolated Australia from the rest of the world community

through our delegation's argument for limiting the commission's

role in trade issues; and

(d) calls on the Government:

(i) to implement measures to restrict imports from

producers who do not meet minimum standards in relation

to worker wages, occupational health and safety,

product quality, especially safety, and environmental

behaviour, and

(ii) to take a position in international fora which places

working conditions and the environment above economic

rationalist ideology.

Senator Tierney: To move on the next day of sitting--That the Senate--

(a) condemns the Government's failure to respond to the dangerous

traffic conditions on Lenaghans Drive link-road which joins the

incomplete F3 Freeway project to the New England and Pacific


(b) notes, with concern, that at the northern end of the F3 Freeway

west of Newcastle, traffic flows have now reached over 15 300

vehicles per day, a full 10 years earlier than expected;

(c) expresses its sympathy with the residents of Lenaghans Drive

whose constant appeals to the Minister for Transport (Mr

Brereton) to bring forward the next stage of the F3 Freeway

expansion and fix the problem, have been ignored; and

(d) condemns the continuing mismanagement of the F3 Freeway

expansion program by this Australian Labor Party Government.