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Contingent notice of motion: Senator Campbell, at the request of the

Leader of the Opposition in the Senate (Senator Hill):

(1) To move (contingent on the Minister for Trade (Senator McMullan)

not laying on the table the documents referred to in paragraph

(2), at or before the adjournment of the Senate on 8 June

1994)--That so much of the standing orders be suspended as would

prevent Senator Hill moving a motion that Senator McMullan be no

longer heard in answer to any particular question at question

time until he has undertaken to lay the documents on the table.

(2) The documents referred to in paragraph (1) are documents


(a) the effective net rental rates; and

(b) the outgoings payable per square metre;

in the Casselden Place building in Melbourne, Victoria, under the

leases of the Commonwealth agencies currently or previously known

as "Projects', "Interiors' and "Assets Services', being documents:

(a) which Senator McMullan, on 5 May 1994 and 10 May 1994,

was ordered by the Senate to lay on the table, which

orders he disobeyed; and

(b) for the failure to table which Senator McMullan was

censured by the Senate on 10 May 1994 and ordered to

purge his contempt by tabling the documents, which he

did not do.

Notice of motion: Senator Bell: To move on the next day of

sitting--Thatthe Senate--

(a) notes, with alarm, that over 1 000 public schools are now being

financed by a confectionery company, and that at least 334 of

these schools are in Victoria; and

(b) calls on the Minister for Employment, Education and Training (Mr

Crean) to recognise that the provision of education is a proper

role for government on behalf of the total community and to

ensure that adequate funds are provided so that the collection

of lolly papers will cease to be the source of needed funds for