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Order of the day read for the adjourned debate on the motion of Senator

Short--That the Senate--

(a) notes that the actions of the Prime Minister (Mr Keating) during

his recent visit to Vietnam have offended a wide range of


(b) condemns the Prime Minister for deliberately refusing to

recognise the efforts of the 50 000 Australian soldiers who

fought in the Vietnam war until eventually, after 5 days, being

shamed into doing so;

(c) expresses its concern that the Prime Minister has:

(i) capitulated to the Vietnamese Government over the issue

of human rights by accepting the proposal for an

emasculated human rights delegation which apparently is

now to be insipidly called a "consultative delegation',


(ii) invited the Vietnamese Communist Party chief, Mr Do

Muoi, to visit Australia, despite the fact that he is

not a representative of the Vietnamese Government or

nation; and

(d) notes that Mr Do Muoi's visit will offend a great majority of

the Australian community of Vietnamese origin, who fled to

Australia to escape the very principles and practices of

communism that Mr Do Muoi represents.

And on the amendments moved by Senator Chamarette--

Paragraph (c), subparagraph (i), omit the subparagraph.

Paragraph (d), omit the paragraph.

Debate resumed.

Documents: The Leader of the Opposition in the Senate (Senator Hill), by

leave, tabled the following documents:

Human rights--Vietnam--Copies of--

Amnesty International--Socialist Republic of Vietnam: continuing

concerns, dated October 1993.

Extracts from--

Amnesty International Report 1993, p. 309-11.

Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 1993--Report

submitted to the Committee on Foreign Affairs, U.S. House of

Representatives and the Committee on Foreign Relations, U.S.

Senate, by the Department of State, dated February 1994, p.


Human Rights Watch World Report 1993: events of 1992, p. 193-7.

Debate continued.

Senator Reid, by leave and at the request of Senator Chamarette, amended

Senator Chamarette's amendments to read as follows:

Paragraph (c), subparagraph (i), omit the subparagraph, substitute the

following subparagraph:

"(i) allowed the agreement with the Vietnamese Prime Minister,

Mr Kiet, for a human rights delegation from Australia to

Vietnam in late 1993, to be delayed until July 1994 and

allowed the words "human rights' to be excluded from the

title of the delegation; and".

Paragraph (d), omit the paragraph.

Question--That the amendments be agreed to--put and passed.

Senator Harradine moved the following amendment:

Omit paragraphs (a) and (b), substitute the following paragraphs:

"(a) notes that the Prime Minister delayed until the fifth day of

his recent visit to Vietnam an official gesture of due

recognition of the service to Australia of the 50 000

Australian soldiers who fought in Vietnam;

(b) expresses its deep regret at this delay which offended a wide

range of Australians;".

Question--That the amendment be agreed to--put and passed.

Debate continued.

Main question, as amended, put and passed.