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The President informed the Senate that he had received a letter seeking

variations to the membership of estimates committees.

The Minister for the Environment, Sport and Territories (Senator

Faulkner), by leave, moved--That Senators be appointed to and discharged

from estimates committees as follows and that the substitution

arrangements listed for each portfolio replace all previous temporary

arrangements recorded on the Notice Paper:

Estimates Committee A

Prime Minister and Cabinet:

Senator Troeth to replace Senator Ferguson

Foreign Affairs and Trade:

Senators Brownhill and Troeth to replace Senators Ferguson and


Communications and the Arts:

Senator Tierney to replace Senator O'Chee

Senator Alston to replace Senator Kemp for the Communications

component of the portfolio

Senator Baume to replace Senator Kemp for the Arts component of

the portfolio

Administrative Services:

Senators Baume, Campbell and Minchin to replace Senators Ferguson,

Kemp and O'Chee.

Estimates Committee B

Discharged: Senator Crane

Appointed: Senator Teague

Industrial Relations:

Senators Crane and Minchin to replace Senators MacGibbon and



Senators Ferguson and Minchin to replace Senators Teague and


Estimates Committee C

Environment, Sport and Territories:

Senators Baume and Crichton-Browne to replace Senators Newman and


Human Services and Health:

Senator Tambling to replace Senator Ian Macdonald

Social Security:

Senators Herron and Woods to replace Senators Ian Macdonald and


Estimates Committee D

Discharged: Senator Abetz

Appointed: Senator Short

Industry, Science and Technology:

Senators Chapman and Ferguson to replace Senators Parer and Short.

Estimates Committee E

Discharged: Senators Teague and Campbell

Appointed: Senators Crane and McGauran

Primary Industries and Energy:

Senator Sandy Macdonald to replace Senator McGauran

Employment, Education and Training:

Senators Teague and Tierney to replace Senators Crane and Troeth.

Estimates Committee F

Discharged: Senators Short and Vanstone

Appointed: Senators Abetz and Knowles


Senator Vanstone to replace Senator Knowles

Immigration and Ethnic Affairs:

Senator Short to replace Senator Ellison

Housing and Regional Development:

Senator Tambling to replace Senator Knowles.

Question put and passed.