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The following 5 petitions, lodged with the Clerk by the Senators

indicated, were received:

Senators Kemp and Sandy Macdonald, from 14 and 430 petitioners,

respectively, requesting that the Senate take action to increase

funding for breast cancer research and consider further initiatives

through the tax system to encourage donations for breast cancer


Senator Bell, from 41 petitioners requesting that the Independent Rate

Age for Austudy be decreased to 21 years, that full Austudy payments

be raised to the level of unemployment benefits and that the taxable

income threshold be increased to $8 000.

Senator Bell, from 15 petitioners requesting that the Senate introduce

legislation requiring the National Registration Authority to provide

all available information on registered chemicals.

Senator Kemp, from 20 petitioners requesting that the Senate ensure

that the Australian national flag is not changed or replaced without

first being voted upon and approved by the people of Australia in a

national poll.