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The Deputy Clerk reported that, pursuant to standing order 25, the

following notice of motion had been given:

The Chairman of the Standing Committee on Industry, Science,

Technology,Transport, Communications and Infrastructure (Senator

Childs): To move on the next day of sitting--That the following matter

be referred to the Standing Committee on Industry, Science, Technology,

Transport, Communications and Infrastructure for inquiry and report:

The impact on industry, employment and the community of

telecommunications developments up to the year 2000 and beyond. When

assessing the impact of telecommunications developments the committee

will take account of the following:

(a) telecommunications technology currently available in Australia

and overseas;

(b) anticipated developments in telecommunications technology in

Australia and overseas;

(c) availability and affordability of telecommunications technology

for the majority of Australians;

(d) industry's ability to implement and benefit from technology


(e) the effect on work practices and employment including working

from home;

(f) the social and cultural impact on home life in metropolitan,

regional and remote areas;

(g) the extent to which Australia's current telecommunications

policies anticipate telecommunications developments; and

(h) the extent to which Parliament should give leadership to

Australian innovation and the application of technology taking

into account the social as well as technical and economic