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Order of the day read for the consideration of the bill in committee of

the whole.

In the committee

Bill, taken as a whole by leave, debated.

Senator MacGibbon moved the following amendment:

Clause 10, page 4, after proposed paragraph 89E(1)(fa), insert the

following paragraph:

"(fb) a member nominated by an organisation or organisations

representing veterans;".

Debate ensued.

Question--That the amendment be agreed to--put.

The committee divided--

AYES, 39

Abetz Baume Bell Boswell Bourne Brownhill Chamarette Chapman Coulter Ellison Ferguson Gibson Harradine Herron Hill Kemp Kernot Knowles Lees Macdonald, Ian Macdonald, Sandy MacGibbon McGauran Margetts Minchin Newman O'Chee (Teller) Panizza Parer Patterson Short Spindler Tambling Teague Tierney Troeth Watson Woodley Woods

NOES, 22

Beahan Bolkus Burns Carr Childs Colston Cook Denman Devereux Evans, Christopher Foreman (Teller) Jones Loosley McKiernan Murphy Neal Ray Reynolds Schacht Sherry West Zakharov

Question agreed to.

Bill, as amended, agreed to.

Bill to be reported with an amendment.

The Acting Deputy President (Senator Colston) resumed the Chair and the

Temporary Chairman of Committees (Senator McGauran) reported


On the motion of the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Primary

Industries and Energy (Senator Sherry) the report from the committee was

adopted and the bill read a third time.