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The following 8 petitions, lodged with the Clerk by the Senators

indicated, were received:

Senator Bell, from 35 petitioners requesting that any further changes

to the Higher Education Contribution Scheme be referred to a committee

to assess the impact of fees and loans on higher education.

Senator Brownhill, from 65 petitioners requesting that the Senate take

action to ensure the continued availability of high octane petrol for

Australian motorists.

Senator Brownhill, from 16 petitioners opposing any changes to the

Australian flag, supporting the constitutional monarchy and opposing

any moves to turn Australia into a republic.

Senator Coulter, from 537 petitioners requesting that the Senate

support Commonwealth threatened species legislation which uses the

full powers given to the Commonwealth by the Australian Constitution

and which provides the necessary financial resources to halt the loss

of species.

Senator Sandy Macdonald, 2 petitions similar in wording, from 74 and

64 petitioners, requesting that the Senate take action to facilitate

the placement of cellular telephone transmitters in the Eden-Monaro


Senator Bell, from 21 petitioners requesting that the Independent Rate

Age for Austudy be decreased to 21 years, that full Austudy payments

be raised to the level of unemployment benefits and that the taxable

income threshold be increased to $8000.

By Senator Crowley, from 47 petitioners requesting that the Senate

repeal the Childcare Rebate Act.