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Senator Reid: To move on the next day of sitting--

(1) That the following matter be referred to the Joint Committee on

the Broadcasting of Parliamentary Proceedings for inquiry and

report on or before 24 March 1994:

Reconsideration of--

(a) the general principle which prohibits broadcasting of

Senate proceedings after 11.30 p.m. but prior to the

moving of the adjournment, with a view to recommending

the adoption by each House of a change to this

principle to permit such broadcasting; and

(b) the standing determination of 25 March 1953 which

prohibits broadcasting of the Senate when it sits on a

Saturday, with a view to the committee making a new

determination to permit such broadcasting.

(2) That the terms of this resolution be transmitted to the House of

Representatives for its concurrence.

Senator Tambling: To move on the next day of sitting--That the Senate--

(a) notes the public release of the Industry Commission's report

into public housing on 13 January 1994;

(b) recognises that the recommendations of the report will affect

over one million low income households in Australia receiving

housing assistance from the Commonwealth and State Governments;

(c) condemns the Minister for Housing, Local Government and Human

Services (Mr Howe), the Minister for Social Security (Mr

Baldwin) and the Assistant Treasurer (Mr Gear) who publicly

acknowledge that the Federal Labor Government will not respond

to the Industry Commission's recommendations until June 1994;


(d) urges the Federal Labor Government to address the

recommendations in the 1994 Federal Budget context.

Senator Bourne: To move on the next day of sitting--That the Senate--

(a) acknowledges the outstanding efforts of the thousands of

bushfire fighters who came from all parts of Australia to help

fight the disastrous bushfires in January 1994 in the state of

New South Wales;

(b) congratulates the Commissioner of the New South Wales Fire

Services (Mr Koperberg) for his outstanding service to the

nation in co-ordinating the fire fighting efforts;

(c) expresses regret for the tragic loss of life and the enormous

damage to homes and property that occurred during the bushfire


(d) notes, with alarm, the appalling destruction that took place to

vast areas of national and state forest including the historic

Royal National Park, of which more than 95 per cent was burnt

out resulting in irreversible damage to native flora and fauna;


(e) extends sincere condolences to those families who are grieving

over the loss of their loved ones.

Senator Campbell: To move on the next day of sitting--That the Senate--

(a) notes that:

(i) the Prime Minister (Mr Keating) has endorsed his Labor

candidate for the seat of Fremantle,

(ii) his candidate is former Western Australian Cabinet

Minister and defeated Premier, Dr Carmen Lawrence,

(iii) Dr Lawrence was a member of the Cabinet in 1988 and

1989 when the famous PICL and Rothwells WA Inc. deals

were discussed in that Cabinet, and

(iv) in answer to WA Inc. Royal Commission questions about

crucial Cabinet discussions, Dr Lawrence's answers were

"no direct knowledge', "cannot recall' and "no

recollection'; and

(b) calls on the Prime Minister to explain to the people of

Fremantle whether he expects higher standards of diligence and

responsibilityfrom Ministers than those set during Dr Lawrence's

tenure as a Cabinet Minister in the WA Inc. Dowding Labor


Senator Bell: To move on the next day of sitting--That the Senate--

(a) notes:

(i) with concern that 17 per cent of 18 to 24 years old

Australians are not enrolled to vote, according to

Australian Electoral Commission research, and

(ii) that some surveys reveal that as many as 58 per cent of

18 year olds fail to enrol to vote in their first year

as eligible voters;

(b) acknowledges that this is an unacceptable situation and that it

reflects the high level of disillusionment amongst young people,

who believe the Government does not consider seriously their

needs or their views;

(c) urges the Government to involve young people in the political

and decision-making process; and

(d) calls on the Government to increase funds for voter education,

specifically at primary and secondary school levels, so that

young Australians are aware of and exercise their democratic

right to vote.

Senator Ferguson: To move on the next day of sitting--That the Senate--

(a) notes that:

(i) a report released in the week beginning 30 January 1994

by the Economic Planning Advisory Council on the

Federal Government's health care and retirement income

policies states that, despite the introduction of the

Superannuation Guarantee Charge, in the year 2051 about

75 per cent of our aged population will still be

eligible for at least a part pension, and

(ii) the current lack of incentive for Australians to take

out private health insurance means we will also face a

heavy burden next century as the cost of providing

health care for our increasing aged population consumes

a larger and larger proportion of our health budget;


(b) calls on the Government to announce what strategies and policies

it will put in place to ensure that Australian taxpayers do not

face an intolerable taxation burden as we move into the 21st

century, through providing greater incentives for Australians to

provide for their own retirement and take out private health


Senator Spindler: To move on the next day of sitting--That the Senate--

(a) notes:

(i) that there will be ten million deaths worldwide every

year between now and the year 2010 from tobacco-related

diseases, while in Australia every day some 250

children smoke their first cigarette to replace the 54

adults who die from their addiction,

(ii) that tobacco kills one third of its consumers an

average of 21 years earlier than their non-smoking


(iii) that there is no safe level of consumption,

(iv) that the association of tobacco and glamour sporting

events is a powerful one for promoters of cigarette


(v) that a recent study has shown that tobacco and alcohol

brand names and logos can receive up to 30 per cent of

viewing time during broadcasts of sports events despite

tough restrictions, and

(vi) with approval and support, the Australian Medical

Association's campaign to make the Victorian Grand Prix

tobacco-free; and

(b) calls on the Minister for Health (Senator Richardson) not to

grant the event an exemption under the Tobacco Advertising

Prohibition Act 1992.

Senator Tambling: To move on the next day of sitting--That the Senate--

(a) notes the tabling of the Industry Commission report into public


(b) acknowledges that the Industry Commission states that the full

costs of housing assistance are not well recorded and

governments do not know whether assistance is well targeted or

delivered efficiently;

(c) recognises earlier comments made by the Auditor-General, who

found that "there remains scope for further enhancements to the

[Commonwealth-State Housing Agreement] and the manner in which

it is administered';

(d) notes there needs to be greater clarity in the objectives and

responsibilities in delivery of public housing between the

Commonwealth and the State and Territory governments; and

(e) urges the Federal Labor Government to address the concerns

raised by the Industry Commission and the Auditor-General on

transparent funding and institutional arrangements of the

Commonwealth-State Housing Agreement immediately.

Senator Bourne: To move on the next day of sitting--That the following

matter be referred to the Procedure Committee for inquiry and report by

2 March 1994:

Ways in which the Senate committee system could be made more

responsive to the composition of the Senate, with particular

reference to:

(a) the number of committees required;

(b) the responsibilities, functions and subject area coverage of


(c) the structure of committees, including party representation

and numbers of members; and

(d) arrangements for chairing committees.

Senator Campbell: To move on the next day of sitting--That the Senate--

(a) notes:

(i) the statement by the former Minister for Industry,

Technology and Regional Development (Mr Griffiths),

"denying any knowledge' of the alleged payment of $5

000 of Australian Labor Party funds to his sandwich

shop, and

(ii) that the former Premier of Western Australia (Dr Carmen

Lawrence) said she had no knowledge of $5 000 of public

monies from a parliamentary imprest account, for travel

not taken, which remained in her personal bank account

for some 2 years; and

(b) calls on the Prime Minister (Mr Keating) to explain to the

people of Fremantle whether the test of credibility for his

chosen candidate was based on the same standards he applied to

his former mate, Mr Griffiths.

Senator Tierney: To move on the next day of sitting--That the Senate--

(a) expresses its dismay at the devastation caused earlier in

January 1994 by the horrifying bushfires in NSW;

(b) extends condolences to the families and friends of the four

people who tragically died as a result of the fires;

(c) offers its sympathy to the many people who lost all their

possessions as a result of the bushfires;

(d) sends the highest praise and commendation to the thousands of

professional and volunteer bushfire fighters who risked life and

limb in a valiant and courageous effort to contain the fires and

prevent even more devastating loss of life and property;

(e) congratulates the many Australians who have pulled together and

so generously given money and goods to the various appeals for

assistance to the victims of the fires; and

(f) commends the NSW Coalition Government for developing and

implementing a strategic plan which helped to minimise the

impact of this disaster.

Senator Bell: To move on the next day of sitting--That the Senate--

(a) notes, with concern, that the Hobart City Council lined Hobart

streets during January 1994 with flags advertising well-known

cigarette producer, Benson and Hedges;

(b) calls on the Minister for Health (Senator Richardson):

(i) to investigate whether this advertising breaches the

Tobacco Advertising Prohibition Act 1992 which was

designed to establish a national prohibition on tobacco

advertising, and

(ii) to amend the Act to require such advertising to be

removed within a specified number of days should the

advertising in question be deemed to be relating to a

sporting event; and

(c) calls on the Minister for Housing, Local Government and Human

Services (Mr Howe) to examine whether any funds used for this

Hobart advertising was provided from Commonwealth sources.

Senator Campbell: To move on the next day of sitting--

(1) That there be laid on the table, by the Leader of the Government

in the Senate (Senator Gareth Evans), not later than immediately

after question time on 10 February 1994, with respect to the

leases referred to in paragraph (2), being leases claimed to be

comparable in terms of net rental with the net rental paid at

Centenary House, a statement of each of the following items of


(a) what is the address of the property;

(b) what is the net lettable area;

(c) what is the commencement date of the lease;

(d) what are the lease terms;

(e) what is the breakdown of the building outgoings on a per

square metre per annum basis; and

(f) what is the effective value of the incentive.

(2) The leases with respect to which information is ordered under

paragraph (1) are as follows:

(a) June 1993--the pre-commitment lease in NSW where the rental is

$462 per square metre gross ($420 per square metre net

approximately), and

(b) May 1993--the pre-commitment lease in Victoria where the

rental is $399 per square metre semi gross ($370 per square

metre net approximately),

being the two leases referred to in the Australian Property Group

answer to a question on notice given to Estimates Committee D in


Senator Tierney: To move on the next day of sitting--That the Senate--

(a) notes the 2 cents per litre rise for leaded and one cent per

litre rise for unleaded petrol on 1 February 1994, on top of the

Consumer Price Index increase;

(b) condemns this unnecessary tax imposed by this Labor Government

as one for which it has no mandate;

(c) notes that this is a tax on battlers, as the extra price for

leaded fuel will be paid by the people with older cars who

cannot afford to buy a new car;

(d) reminds the Government that the increases in fuel tax is an

added burden on the economy with businesses and households

already struggling to pay Government charges;

(e) further notes that the Service Stations Association of NSW says

that metropolitan motorists may not feel the effect of the price

rise because of heavy discounting while regionally-based

Australians, who rely most heavily on petrol, will not be

protected in this way; and

(f) condemns the Labor Government for imposing, without a mandate, a

further tax which will impact most heavily and unfairly on low

income earners and people in regional Australia.