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The Minister for Social Security (Senator Chaney), by leave, made a statement relating to Asia Dairy Industries (HK) Ltd and the Australian Dairy Corporation, and, by Command of His Excellency the Governor-General, laid upon the Table the following Papers: Asia Dairy Industries (HK) Limited and Australian Dairy Corporation- Copies of letters from- Mr K. F. Brigden, Auditor-General, to the Minister for Primary Industry (Mr Nixon), dated 11 August 1982.

Mr C. T. Monaghan, First Assistant Auditor-General, to Mr J. D. Enfield, Deputy Secretary, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, dated 10 August 1982.

The Minister for Primary Industry (Mr Nixon) to Mr K. F. Brigden, Auditor- General, dated 10 November 1981.

Mr B. J. O'Donovan, Crown Solicitor, to the Secretary, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, dated 22 June 1982.

Dairy Industry Stabilization Fund -Governing principles.

Skim milk powder-Sales to Holland Milk Products Inc. by Australian Dairy Produce Board and Australian Dairy Corporation-Rebate arrangements-

Report of Auditor-General for period December 1974 to December 1977, dated 27 April 1982. Commentary by Australian Dairy Corporation, dated 12 July 1982.

Senator Chaney, by leave, moved-That the Senate take note of the Statement.

Senator Walsh moved an amendment, viz: Leave out all words after ''That'', insert ''the matters raised in the Minister's Statement and the Papers tabled by him be referred to the Standing Committee on Finance and Government Operations for further investigation and report''.

Debate continued.

Question-That the words proposed to be left out be left out-put and passed.

Question-That the words proposed to be inserted be inserted-put and passed.

Amendment agreed to accordingly.

Main Question, as amended-put and passed.