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The Chairman of the Standing Committee on Publications (Senator Archer) presented the following Report: TWELFTH REPORT

The Publications Committee has the honour to report that it has met in conference with the Publications Committee of the House of Representatives.

The Joint Committee, having considered petitions and papers presented to Parliament since the last meeting of the Committee, recommends that the following be printed:

Australia-China Council-Annual Report (3rd), for year 1980-81.

Australia-Japan Foundation Act-Australia-Japan Foundation-Annual Report (5th), and financial statements, together with the Auditor-General's Report, for year 1980-81.

Australian Film Commission Act-Australian Film Commission-Annual Report, together with financial statements and the Auditor-General's Report thereon, for year 1980-81.

Australian Heritage Commission Act-Australian Heritage Commission-Report-The National Estate in 1981, dated 26 June 1981.

Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies-Social Impact of Uranium Mining on the Aborigines of the Northern Territory-Report, for period 1 April 1981 to 30 September 1981.

Bounty (Bed Sheeting) Act-Return, for period 1 November 1980 to 31 October 1981.

Bounty (Drilling Bits) Act-Return, for periods 1 October 1980 to 30 September 1981 and 10 October 1981 to 31 December 1981.

Bounty (Non-adjustable Wrenches) Act-Return, for period 1 July 1981 to 31 December 1981.

Bounty (Paper) Act-Return, for period 6 February 1981 to 5 February 1982.

Bounty (Polyester-Cotton Yarn) Act-Return, for period 1 September 1980 to 31 August 1981.

Conciliation and Arbitration Act-Australian Conciliation and Arbitration Commission-Annual Report (25th) of President, for year ended 13 August 1981.

Demographic Trends-Review of Australia's Demographic Trends, prepared by the Department of Immigration and Ethnic Affairs, dated May 1982.

Department of Employment and Youth Affairs-Report for year 1980-81, including report of the National Director of the Commonwealth Employment Service, pursuant to the Commonwealth Employment Service Act, on the operations of the service.

Department of House of Representatives-Annual Report for 1981.

Fishing Industry Act-24th Annual Report, for year 1979-80.

Independent Schools (Loans Guarantee) Act-Statement of guarantees and payments for year 1980-81.

Industries Assistance Commission-Reports- Bovine brucellosis and tuberculosis eradication campaign, dated 28 January 1982 (No. 297).

Customs tariff simplification, dated 30 November 1981 (No. 286)- Vol. 1-Report.

Vol. 2-Proposed tariff-principle schedule.

Fruit and fruit products, dated 24 August 1981 (No. 276).

Miscellaneous edible foodstuffs, dated 7 September 1981 (No. 278).

Miscellaneous manufacturing: Group G: writing and marking equipment, dated 15 December 1981 (No. 291).

Phosphatic and nitrogenous fertilizers, dated 26 February 1982 (No. 299).

Works trucks, certain mobile machines and pallet trucks, dated 24 December 1981 (No. 296).

Industrial Research and Development Incentives Act-Australian Industrial Research and Development Incentives Board-Report for year 1980-81.

National Gallery Act-Council of the Australian National Gallery-Annual Report, together with financial statements, and the Auditor-General's Report for year 1980-81.

National Energy Advisory Committee-Annual Report, for year 1980-81.

Non-government Schools (Loans Guarantee) Act-Reports for 1980 and 1981.

Official Establishments Trust-Annual Report 1980-81.

B. R. ARCHER, 6 May 1982 Chairman Senator Archer, by leave, moved-That the Report be adopted.

Question-put and passed.