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Order of the Day read for the adjourned debate on the motion of Senator Grimes- That the Senate take note of the Papers and Statement-And on the amendment moved thereto by the Leader of the Opposition in the Senate (Senator Button)-At end of motion add '', and the Senate is of the opinion that a Judicial Inquiry should be established to inquire into and report on:

(a) whether the proper procedures were followed within the Bureau of Customs and at Ministerial level to investigate the importation of the colour television set by the former Minister for Health in October last year and, if not, whether there was a cover up;

(b) whether a junior officer was victimised for carrying out his duty, both at the point of customs entry by the former Minister for Health and in the officer' s later complaint;

(c) what actions were taken by the Head of the Department in respect of all matters relating to the former Minister for Health and whether these actions were taken with the knowledge and approval of the Government;

(d) more generally, whether the Bureau is effective in performing its functions and the steps that need to be taken to ensure that it is an effective organisation and carries out its functions under the Customs Act; and

(e) whether any other Minister was aware or should reasonably have been aware of these matters and failed to take appropriate action''.

Debate resumed.

Papers: The Leader of the Government in the Senate (Senator Sir John Carrick), by Command of His Excellency the Governor-General, laid upon the Table the following Papers:

Colour Television Set-Papers (4) relating to the importation of a colour television set by Mr MacKellar, M.P.

Debate continued.

The Leader of the Opposition in the Senate (Senator Button), by leave, withdrew his amendment.

Senator Button then, by leave, moved the following amendment, viz: Leave out all words after ''That'', insert:

(1) ''the terms of reference for the review of Customs administration should be amended to include the following matters:

(a) the effectiveness of the Department of Business and Consumer Affairs in the performance of its functions under the Customs Act 1901;

(b) the handling of complaints within the Department of Business and Consumer Affairs and in particular the Bureau of Customs;

(c) any question affecting the industrial relations or relations between the management, staff and staff associations within the Department of Business and Consumer Affairs; and

(d) any changes necessary in:

(i) arrangements or procedures within the Department of Business and Consumer Affairs; and

(ii) the Customs Act 1901;

(2) without limiting the generality of the above, account may be taken in the review of such reports, developments, events and other circumstances as may be considered necessary in order to report on necessary or desirable changes as required above;

(3) that the review have the status, powers and privileges of a Royal Commission ; and

(4) that the review should produce its report by 1 November 1982''.

Debate ensued.

Question-That the words proposed to be left out be left out-put.

The Senate divided-

AYES, 26

Senators- Bolkus Button Childs Coates Coleman Colston Elstob Foreman Georges Gietzelt Giles Grimes Hearn Jones Keeffe McIntosh McLaren Mulvihill Primmer Ray, Robert Ryan Sibraa Siddons Tate Walsh Teller: Senator Robertson

NOES, 33

Senators- Archer Baume Bjelke-Petersen Bonner Carrick, Sir John Chaney Chipp Crichton-Browne Durack Guilfoyle, Dame Margaret Haines Hamer Hill Jessop Lajovic Lewis MacGibbon Macklin Martin Martyr Mason Messner Rae, Peter Reid Scott Teague Thomas Townley Walters Watson Withers Young Teller : Senator Kilgariff

Amendment negatived accordingly.

Main Question-put and passed.