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The Minister for Social Security (Senator Chaney) moved--That, unless otherwise ordered--

(a) intervening business be postponed till after further consideration of Government Business, Order of the Day No. 1 (Social Services Amendment Bill 1981) and the Order of the Day relating to the resumption of debate on the second reading of the Repatriation Acts Amendment Bill 1981; and

(b) upon receipt of any Message from the House of Representatives relating to the Social Services Amendment Bill 1981 and/or the Repatriation Acts Amendment Bill 1981, such Message shall be immediately reported by the President and dealt with at once.

Debate ensued.


The Senate divided--

AYES, 28

Senator-- Senator-- Archer MacGibbon Baume Martyr Bjelke-Petersen Messner Bonner Missen Carrick Rae, Peter Chaney Scott Collard Teague Crichton-Browne Thomas Guilfoyle, Townley Dame Margaret Walters Hamer Watson Hill Withers Jessop Young Lajovic Teller: Lewis Kilgariff

NOES, 28

Senator-- Senator-- Bolkus McClelland Button McLaren Childs Macklin Coates Mason Coleman Mulvihill Colston Primmer Elstob Ray, Robert Evans Ryan Foreman Sibraa Georges Siddons Giles Tate Grimes Walsh Haines Hearn Teller: Jones Robertson

The Ayes and Noes being equal, Question resolved in the negative.