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The following Papers were presented, pursuant to Statute: Aboriginal Development Commission Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules 198 1 No. 301.

Christmas Island Act--Ordinances 1981--No. 10--Standard Time and Daylight Saving Time (Amendment).

Commonwealth Employees (Redeployment and Retirement) Act--Regulation--

Statutory Rules 1981 No. 300.

Commonwealth Grants Commission Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules 1981 No. 299.

Defence Act--Determinations 1981-

No. 46--Cadet Forces Allowances.

No. 48--Education Allowance.

Grain (Export Inspection Charge) Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules 1981 No. 297.

Grain (Export Inspection Charge) Collection Act--Regulation--Statutory Rules 1981 No. 298.

Loan (Income Equalization Deposits) Act--Regulation--Statutory Rules 1981 No. 302.

Public Service Arbitration Act--Determinations by the Arbitrator, accompanied by statements regarding possible inconsistency with the law--1981--

No. 366--Federated Storemen and Packers Union of Australia.

No. 367--Musicians' Union of Australia.

No. 368--Australian Public Service Association (Fourth Division Officers).

No. 369--Administrative and Clerical Officers' Association, Commonwealth Public Service, and others.

No. 370--Australian Public Service Artisans' Association,

No. 371--Australian Workers' Union.*

Nos 372 to 374--Australian Broadcasting Commission Staff Association.

No. 375--Australian Public Service Association (Fourth Division Officers).

No. 376--Amalgamated Metal Workers and Shipwrights Union and others.* No. 377--Administrative and Clerical Officers' Association, Commonwealth Public Service.

No. 378--Australian Government Lawyers Association.

No. 379--Professional Officers Association, Australian Public Service.* No. 380--Federated Storemen and Packers Union of Australia and another.

No. 381--Australian Workers' Union.*

No. 382--Amalgamated Metal Workers' and Shipwrights Union and others.* No. 383--Federated Liquor and Allied Industries Employees Union of Australia.

No. 384--Federated Ship Painters and Dockers Union of Australia.* No. 385--Federated Furnishing Trade Society of Australasia.*

No. 386--Amalgamated Society of Carpenters and Joiners of Australia and others.*

No. 387--Federated Engine Drivers' and Firemen's Association of Australasia.*

No. 388--Australian Workers' Union.*

No. 389--Electrical Trades Union of Australia.*

No. 390--Electrical Trades Union of Australia.

Nos 391 and 392--Hospital Employees Federation of Australia.

No. 393--Printing and Kindred Industries Union.

No. 394--Shop, Distributive and Allied Employees Association.

(* not accompanied by statement.)

Remuneration Tribunals Act--Remuneration Tribunal--Determinations 1981--

No. 16--Remuneration payable to Chairman and Members, Northern Land Council, and others, together with an explanatory statement, dated 9 October 1981.

Seat of Government (Administration) Act--

Ordinances 1981--

No. 34--Flammable Liquids (Amendment).

No. 35--Rates (Amendment).

No. 36--Dog Control (Amendment).

Regulations 1981--No. 22--(Building Ordinance).