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The President informed the Senate that Senator Grimes had proposed that a matter of public importance be submitted to the Senate for discussion, viz: ""The difficulties and uncertainty caused by the Government's policies in the area of children's services.''.

And at least four Senators having risen in support of the proposed discussion--

The President called upon Senator Grimes to speak.

Discussion ensued.

Papers: The Minister for Social Security (Senator Chaney), by Command of His Excellency the Governor-General, laid upon the Table the following Papers:

Children's Services--Texts of speeches by the Minister for Social Security, Senator the Hon. F. M. Chaney, delivered on his behalf by Mrs Marie Coleman, Director, Office of Child Care, at the A.C.T. Family Day Care Association on 17 October 1981 and the Curzon Street Child Care Centre on 28 August 1981.

Discussion continued.

Papers: Senator Grimes, by leave, laid upon the Table the following Papers:

Children's Services--Extracts (7 pages) from the Review of Children's Services Program.

Discussion continued.

Ordered--That the business of the day be called on.