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Senator Siddons, pursuant to notice, moved--That the Senate calls on the Government to:

(a) transfer the responsibility for administration and funding of the Community Youth Support Scheme (CYSS) to a national committee appointed by the Commonwealth Government with representation from the community, the Department of Employment and Youth Affairs, the Department of Education and, at the State level, from TAFE and Youth and Community Services; (b) include in the guidelines, in addition to the responsibility for support services now provided by CYSS, the responsibility to seek permanent part-time work for those unemployed people between the ages of 15 and 20 who are unable to find suitable permanent work and who are unable or disinclined to pursue, or temperamentally incapable of pursuing, full-time study; and

(c) introduce legislation providing that the entitlement to unemployment benefits of young people employed under this scheme is not affected by the receipt of wages for up to 10 hours work per week.

Debate ensued.


The Senate divided--

AYES, 29

Senator-- Senator-- Bolkus Jones Button Keeffe Childs McClelland Coates McIntosh Coleman McLaren Colston Macklin Elstob Mason Evans Mulvihill Foreman Primmer Georges Ray, Robert Gietzelt Ryan Giles Siddons Grimes Walsh Haines Teller: Hearn Sibraa

NOES, 29

Senator-- Senator-- Archer Lewis Baume Martyr Bjelke-Petersen Messner Bonner Missen Carrick Rae, Peter Chaney Reid Collard Scott Crichton-Browne Teague Durack Thomas Guilfoyle, Townley Dame Margaret Watson Hamer Withers Harradine Young Hill Jessop Teller: Lajovic Kilgariff

The Ayes and Noes being equal, Question resolved in the negative.