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Senator Haines gave a Notice of Motion, as follows--That on the next day of sitting, she would move--That the following matter be referred to the Standing Committee on Social Welfare: The conduct of private hospitals and nursing homes in Australia, including those conducted for profit and non-profit institutions, with particular reference to--

(a) the extent of Government subsidy of such institutions ;

(b) their financial organisation and motivation;

(c) the type and frequency of services provided, with particular reference to so-called discretionary surgery in private hospitals;

(d) the comparison between private hospitals conducted for profit, non-profit private hospitals and public hospitals in respect of--

(i) type and frequency of services provided, and waiting lists for those services, with particular reference to discretionary surgery,

(ii) charges,

(iii) length of patient stay,

(iv) bed numbers and usage,

(v) degree of consultation with patients or their guardians, particularly in respect of discretionary surgery, and

(vi) degree of consideration of and response to community needs; (e) variations by State, region and size and type of hospital in--

(i) bed usage,

(ii) surgery undertaken, and

(iii) length of patient stay;

(f) recording, accounting and referral procedures in private hospitals and nursing homes;

(g) staffing arrangements in private hospitals and nursing homes;

(h) the composition of private hospital and nursing home boards, with particular reference to any potential conflicts of interest; and

(j) the present and future role of private hospitals and nursing homes within the health care delivery system as a whole,

and that in its report the Committee make such recommendations as it considers appropriate for changes in public policy and law.