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Notices of Motion were given, as follows-- Senator McLaren: That, on the next day of sitting, he would move--That the Senate expresses its grave concern :

(a) at the continuing downturn in the economy of South Australia and the ever worsening employment opportunities due to the mismanagement of the State's affairs by the Tonkin Liberal Government;

(b) at the continuing exodus of South Australian citizens as shown in the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics demography figures:

(i) a net loss of 1303 citizens for the March quarter 1981, and

(ii) a net loss of 7303 for the year to March 1981;

(c) that the first 18 months of the Tonkin Liberal Government has brought about a loss to South Australia of 10,600 citizens; and

(d) that this loss is equivalent to the population of either Port Lincoln or Murray Bridge.

Senator Jessop: That, on the next day of sitting, he would move--That the following matter be referred to the Standing Committee on Science and the Environment: The use of phenoxy chemicals and chemicals containing dioxin, with particular reference to:

(a) their ecological effects; and

(b) their effects on human and animal health.