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The following Papers were presented, pursuant to Statute: Air Navigation Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules 1981 No. 253.

Australian Bureau of Statistics Act--Australian Bureau of Statistics--Proposal No. 3 of 1981--Supplementary Survey of Construction Industry, 1979-80.

Christmas Island Act--

Ordinances 1981--

No. 8--Magistrate's Court (Amendment).

Regulations 1981--

No. 1--(Maintenance Orders (Facilities for Enforcement) Ordinance).

Compensation (Commonwealth Government Employees) Act--Regulations--

Statutory Rules 1981 No. 247.

Customs Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules 1981 Nos 244, 251.

Defence Act--Determinations 1981--

No. 37--Payments in Lieu of Recreation Leave, War Service Leave, Furlough and Recreation Leave Bonus, Consequent Upon the Death of a Member or Former Member.

No. 38--Outfit Allowance For Aide-de-Camp to the Governor-General.

Defence Amendment Act--Interim Determinations--Statutory Rules 1981 Nos 236, 237, 238, 239, 240, 254, 255, 256.

Excise Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules 1981 No. 242.

Health Insurance Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules 1981 No. 246.

Passports Act--Regulation--Statutory Rules 1981 No. 245.

Patents Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules 1981 No. 243.

Public Service Act--Determinations 1981--No. 2--Field Survey Allowance.

Public Works Committee Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules 1981 No. 241.

Seamen's Compensation Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules 1981 No. 248.

Seat of Government (Administration) Act--

Ordinances 1981--

No. 19--Poisons and Narcotic Drugs (Amendment).

No. 20--Poisons and Dangerous Drugs (Amendment).

No. 21--Health Commission (Amendment) (No. 2).

Regulations 1981--

No. 16--(Health Commission Ordinance).

No. 17--Cemeteries Ordinance).

States (Tax Sharing and Health Grants) Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules 1981 No. 249.

Telecommunications Act--By-laws--

Telecommunications (Charging Zones and Charging Districts) Amendment No. 14.

Telecommunications (Community Calls) Amendment No. 12.

Trade Commissioners Act--Regulation--Statutory Rules 1981 No. 252.

Trade Practices Act--Regulation--Statutory Rules 1981 No. 250.