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Notices of Motion were given, as follows-- The Leader of the Government in the Senate (Senator Carrick): That on the next day of sitting, he would move--

(1) That, for the purpose of sub-section 8 (2) of the Parliament House Construction Authority Act 1979, the Senate authorizes the commencement of work on the following declared stage in the construction of Parliament House, namely, the construction and fitting-out of the building that is to constitute Parliament House, together with--

(a) the construction, on the site of Parliament House, of access roads, parking areas and other facilities to be provided on that site in connection with Parliament House ; and

(b) the landscaping of that site.

(2) That a Message be sent to the House of Representatives acquainting it of the Resolution agreed to by the Senate.

Senator Harradine: That (contingent upon the Sales Tax Amendment Bills (Nos 1A to 9A) 1981 being read a second time in the form in which they are presently before the Senate) he would move--That it be an Instruction to the Committee of the Whole on the Bills that--

(1) the Committee divide the Bills so as to incorporate in a separate Bill the proposed amendments of the Sales Tax Assessment Act and the Sales Tax (Exemptions and Classifications) Act contained in proposed new sections 5 (2) and 6 in clause 3 of each of the Bills;

(2) the Committee have power to consider amendments of the separate Bill to amend the Sales Tax (Exemptions and Classifications) Act to exempt from sales tax goods covered by the items specified in proposed new section 5 in clause 3 of each of the Bills; and

(3) the Committee report the Bills separately.