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The Clerk produced and laid upon the Table the Certificates of Election for the following Senators elected, on 18 October 1980, to serve in the Senate for their respective States from 1 July 1981:

New South Wales-- Tasmania--

Douglas McClelland Peter Rae

John Leslie Carrick Jean Hearn

Bruce Kenneth Childs Brian Harradine

Douglas Barr Scott Michael Townley

Kerry Walter Sibraa John Coates

Queensland-- Victoria--

James Bernard Keeffe Cyril Graham Primmer

Florence Isabel Bjelke-Petersen Margaret Georgina Constance Guilfoyle Neville Bonner Robert Francis Ray

Gerry Jones Austin William Russell Lewis

Michael John Macklin John Royston Siddons

South Australia-- Western Australia--

Don Jessop Reginald Greive Withers

Dominic John Foreman Gordon Douglas McIntosh

Robert Hill Peter Drew Durack

Nick Bolkus Patricia Jessie Giles

Janine Haines Noel Ashley Crichton-Browne

Senators Sworn: And thereupon the before-mentioned Senators made and subscribed the oath or affirmation of allegiance, pursuant to section 42 of the Constitution.

His Excellency then retired.