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Senator Mason gave a Notice of Motion, as follows--That, on the next day of sitting, he would move--That, in the opinion of the Senate, the Government, in consultation with the States, should--

(a) Prepare a national plan for the proper conservation and development of Australia's forest resources; and

(b) Establish an Australian Rainforest Fund to operate along lines similar to the Commonwealth-States Softwood Forestry Agreements Act so as to assist the States to:

(i) re-purchase rainforest logging licences;

(ii) re-draw boundaries of national parks to enclose rainforest; (iii) stimulate the re-equipment of veneer mills to handle eucalypt or pine instead of rainforest timbers;

(iv) undertake re-afforestation of cleared lands to provide alternative timber supplies; and

(v) promote transport of alternative timbers to veneer mills.