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Senator Thomas, on behalf of the Chairman of the Standing Committee on Publications (Senator Archer), brought up the following Report :


The Publications Committee has the honour to report that it has met in conference with the Publications Committee of the House of Representatives.

The Joint Committee, having considered petitions and papers presented to Parliament since the last meeting of the Committee, and papers previously presented, recommends that the following be printed:

Aboriginal Land Commissioner--Limmen Bight Land Claim--Report by the Aboriginal Land Commissioner to the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and to the Administrator of the Northern Territory, dated 30 December 1980.

Aboriginal Loans Commission Act--Aboriginal Loans Commission--Annual Report (6th and Final), together with financial statements and the Auditor- General's Report thereon, for year 1979-80.

Advisory Council for Inter-government Relations Act--Advisory Council for Inter-government Relations--Provision of Roads : A Report on the Relationships ships among the Three Spheres of Government in Australia (Relationships Reference), dated January 1981 (Report 4).

Audit Act--Report of the Auditor-General upon audits, examinations and inspections carried out under the Audit and other Acts, dated 30 March 1981--Corrigendum to Paper presented on 31 March 1981.

Australian Heritage Commission Act--Australian Heritage Commission--

Corrigendum to the Annual Report (4th) for year 1979-80.

Australian Marine Sciences and Technologies Advisory Committee--Funding Advisory Panel--Report of research grants approved for 1979-80 and 1980-81.

Australian Wheat Board--Corrigenda to Annual Report and financial statements for the year ended 30 November 1979.

Broadcasting and Television Act--Special Broadcasting Service--Annual Report (2nd), together with financial statements and the Auditor-General's Report thereon, for year 1979-80.

Commonwealth Council for Rural Research and Extension--Annual Report, for year 1979-80.

Commonwealth Functions--Review--Statement by the Prime Minister (Mr Fraser), dated 30 April 1981.

Demographic Trends--Review of Australia's Demographic Trends, prepared by the Department of Immigration and Ethnic Affairs, dated February 1981.

Department of Education--Annual Report, for 1980.

Housing Assistance Act--Annual Report (2nd) on the operations of the Act, for year 1979-80.

Industries Assistance Commission--Reports--

Canned Ham--Short Term Assistance, dated 2 February 1981 (No. 259).

Certain Four-Wheel Drive Vehicles, dated 19 March 1981 (No. 260).

Industries Assistance Commission Act--Temporary Assistance Authority--

Report--Certain parts for hearing aids, dated 9 January 1981 (No. 52).

Science and Industry Research Act--Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization--Annual Report (32nd), together with financial statements and the Auditor-General's Report thereon, for year 1979-80.

Student Assistance Act--Report on the operation of the Act, for 1980.

The Committee has reconsidered the printing of the Australian Shippers' Council Report, for year 1979-80, recommended to be printed in its 3rd Report, and now recommends that the Report be not printed.

14 May 1981 B. R. ARCHER,


Senator Thomas, by leave, moved--That the Report be adopted.

Question--put and passed.