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The following Paper was presented, by Command of His Excellency the Governor-General :

Australian Manufacturing Council--Annual Report, for year 1979-80.

The following Papers were presented, pursuant to Statute:

Air Navigation Act--Regulation--Statutory Rules 1981 No. 32.

Conciliation and Arbitration Act--Awards by the Australian Conciliation and Arbitration Commission--1980--

C No. 482 (two)--Commonwealth Teaching Service (A.C.T.) Award 1976 (decision and order).

C No. 849 (two)--Commonwealth Teaching Service (Northern Territory Teachers) Conditions Award 1979 (decision and order).

C No. 937 and C No. 966--Commonwealth Teaching Service (A.C.T.) Award 1976 (decision and order).

Customs Act--Regulation--Statutory Rules 1981 No. 29.

Customs Act and Commerce (Trade Descriptions) Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules 1981 No. 30.

Defence Act--Determinations 1981--

No. 3--Post Allowance.

No. 4--Sea-going Allowance.

No. 5--Flight Duties Allowance.

No. 6--Outfit Allowance For Aide-de-Camp to the Governor-General.

No. 7--High Electricity Charges Allowance.

No. 8--Airconditioning Allowance.

Defence Amendment Act--Interim Determination--Statutory Rules 1981 No. 33.

Postal Services Act--By-laws 1981--Postal Amendment No. 2.

Public Service Act--

Appointment--Department of Social Security--W. Fordham.

Regulations--Statutory Rules 1981 Nos 34, 35.

Remuneration Tribunals Act--Remuneration Tribunal--Determination 1981/2--

Remuneration payable to holders of certain public offices--Director of the Museum of Australia and others, together with explanatory statement, dated 25 February 1981.

Science and Industry Research Act--Regulation--Statutory Rules 1981 No. 31.

Seat of Government (Administration) Act--Regulations 1981--No. 6--(Medical Practitioners Registration Ordinance).

Superannuation Act--Regulations--Statutory Rules 1981 Nos 36, 37, 38.