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Order of the Day read for the adjourned debate on the motion by Senator Davidson--That the following Address-in-Reply be agreed to:

To His Excellency the Governor-General


We, the Senate of the Commonwealth of Australia in Parliament assembled, desire to express our loyalty to our Most Gracious Sovereign, and to thank Your Excellency for the Speech which you have been pleased to address to Parliament.

And on the amendment moved thereto by the Leader of the Opposition in the Senate (Senator Button)--That the following words be added to the Address-in-Reply: "", but the Senate is of the opinion that the Government--

(1) has failed to adequately respond to:

(a) record unemployment;

(b) a high and worsening level of inflation;

(c) reduced and falling living standards; and

(d) the highest taxation burden in the nation's history;

(2) allows unsatisfactory administration of foreign investment guidelines which permit an uncritical and open-door policy on the takeover of Australian industry and resources to continue; and

(3) makes no long-term provision for assistance to manufacturing industry and farming industries, which are likely to be severely disadvantaged as a result of successive exchange rate revaluations and substantially increased imports in the context of resources development''.

Debate resumed.

Question--That the words proposed to be added be added--put and negatived.

Question--That the Address-in-Reply be agreed to--put and passed.

Ordered--That the Address-in-Reply be presented to His Excellency the Governor- General by the President and such Senators as may desire to accompany him.