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36   Documents

The following documents were tabled by the Clerk:

[ Legislative instruments are identified by a Federal Register of Legislative Instruments (FRLI) number. An explanatory statement is tabled with an instrument unless otherwise indicated by an asterisk. ]

Aged Care Act 1997 —Fees and Payments Principles 2014 (No. 2)—Annual Prudential Compliance Statement Determination 2014 [F2014L01136].

Defence Act 1903 —Woomera Prohibited Area Rule 2014 [F2014L01134].

Medibank Private Sale Act 2006 —Medibank Private Sale (Interests in Shares) Regulation 2014—Select Legislative Instrument 2014 No. 128 [F2014L01155].

Veterans’ Entitlements Act 1986

Statement of Principles concerning malignant neoplasm of unknown primary site—No. 80 of 2014 [F2014L01142].


Statements of Principles concerning Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease—

No. 76 of 2014 [F2014L01138].

No. 77 of 2014 [F2014L01139].

Statements of Principles concerning peripheral neuropathy—

No. 74 of 2014 [F2014L01135].

No. 75 of 2014 [F2014L01137].

Statements of Principles concerning vascular dementia—

No. 78 of 2014 [F2014L01140].

No. 79 of 2014 [F2014L01141].