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Thursday, 26 November 2015
Page: 9137

Senator SINODINOS (New South WalesCabinet Secretary) (15:03): I would like to add to a couple of answers I gave during question time.

Senator Jacinta Collins: Nudge, nudge!

Senator SINODINOS: I will come to that as well. In relation to Australian pulp and paper, the ICT Sustainability Plan 2010-2015 was a diverse package of measures that aimed to reduce the environmental impact of Australian government activities. The plan included increasing use of recycled content in office copy paper by departments. It reached 100 per cent by July 2015. The plan has lapsed. It is no longer active, and further questioning on the plan should be referred to the Department of the Environment, who had responsibility for this policy. On 10 October 2012, the previous government announced a $9.5 million grant towards a $90 million project to establish a delinked pulp facility at Australian Paper's Maryvale mill in Victoria. I understand the company is facing some intense pressures, and that is the background to the question.

Can I just add to another answer I gave. I can confirm, in relation to the nudge unit, that it is being funded from within existing resources, as I mentioned at question time.

Senator Jacinta Collins: Yes, but what's not happening as a consequence?

Senator SINODINOS: I beg your pardon?

Senator Jacinta Collins: What's the funding being taken from?

The DEPUTY PRESIDENT: Have you concluded, Senator Sinodinos?

Senator SINODINOS: Thank you very much, Mr Deputy President.