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Thursday, 8 October 2020
Page: 131

Senator ROBERTS (Queensland) (10:58): The Greens policies have killed Australian manufacturing. This is nothing but a hypocritical, virtue-signalling charade. I have a good friend in Sydney, John MacRae. He is 75 years of age and is very well versed in the history of Australia, especially Australian industry. He has taken me around Sydney and shown me the places where factories used to make lathes and milling machines. Seafood canneries were once one after the other in southern Sydney. That has been killed because of policies driven by the Greens party, especially energy policy. This is nothing short of a hypocritical stunt. It's nothing short of Greens virtue signalling.

Australian businesses are so short of Australian manufactured machines which they can depreciate that they have to buy overseas, because of these guys. When these guys are banning the depreciation of non-Australian assets, they're hurting Australian businesses. They don't even understand that. They don't understand what they're doing to the country at all. We want farmers, small businesses and large businesses in this country to be able to depreciate the assets they bought. We would want Australian manufacturing, but there is no manufacturing of so many of the assets that Australians have to buy these days. This is cold, thoughtless and shallow, and it's dishonest.

I call out the Liberal and National parties as well, because you are following their policies and implementing their policies and destroying Australian manufacturing—the manufacturing of Australian machines. I will be voting against this, and I'm calling on the government to start making governance decisions based on hard data so that we can get this country back again. Instead of hypocrisy, we need democracy.

The TEMPORARY CHAIR ( Senator Askew ): The question is that the amendments on sheet 1059 be agreed to.