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Wednesday, 4 December 2019
Page: 4981

Senator HANSON (Queensland) (10:58): Yes, I do, thank you.

Senator Di Natale interjecting

The PRESIDENT: I understand leave will be granted. I've given the call to Senator Hanson because she was the first at her seat. My apologies. I didn't have a prior indication like I did previously. Senator Hanson.

Senator HANSON: There has been a lot of talk now in the chamber about this—

The PRESIDENT: Senator Di Natale, a point of order?

Senator Di Natale: I thought the convention in this place was that when the Leader of the Opposition in the Senate or, indeed, the Manager of Opposition Business sought the call—

The PRESIDENT: All right, Senator Di Natale.

Senator Di Natale: I'm not sure as to why they weren't—

The PRESIDENT: Senator Di Natale, I'm trying to maintain the dignity of the Senate at a tense moment. On the previous occasion I was advised that the opposition person would seek the call, which gave me an opportunity to then supersede the speaking list. On this occasion I wasn't. I'm not blaming anyone. I had given the call to Senator Hanson. Senator Hanson, please continue.

Senator HANSON: Thank you very much. Good try, Senator Di Natale, to stop me from making a few comments on this. I just had a quick talk with Senator Lambie then. It's extremely hard for her. I do trust her judgement.

The PRESIDENT: Order! The time for allotted consideration of this bill has now expired. The question is that the second reading amendment on sheet 8851 be agreed to.