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Wednesday, 3 April 2019
Page: 985

The Senate divided. [21:00]

(The Acting Deputy President—Senator Hume)

DIVISION:AYES 35 (24 majority) NOES 11 PAIRS 0
Bilyk, CLBirmingham, SJ
Brockman, SCarr, KJ
Cash, MCChisholm, A
Ciccone, RColbeck, R
Dodson, PDuniam, J
Farrell, DFifield, MP
Gallacher, AMGichuhi, LM
Griff, SHinch, D
Hume, JKetter, CR
Lines, SMarshall, GM
Martin, S.LMcAllister, J
McCarthy, MMolan, AJ
O'Neill, DMO'Sullivan, B
Paterson, JPatrick, RL
Pratt, LCRuston, A
Smith, DASmith, DPB
Sterle, GWilliams, JR (teller)
Wong, P
Di Natale, RFaruqi, M
Hanson-Young, SCMcKim, NJ
Rice, JSiewert, R (teller)
Spender, DSteele-John, J
Storer, TRWaters, LJ
Whish-Wilson, PS

Question agreed to.