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Wednesday, 14 November 2018
Page: 8153

The Senate divided. [15:52]

(The President—Senator Ryan)

DIVISION:AYES 36 (29 majority) NOES 7 PAIRS 0
Bilyk, CLBushby, DC (teller)
Chisholm, ACollins, JMA
Di Natale, RFaruqi, M
Fierravanti-Wells, CFifield, MP
Gallacher, AMHanson-Young, SC
Hinch, DHume, J
Keneally, KKKitching, K
Lines, SMarshall, GM
McAllister, JMcCarthy, M
McGrath, JMcKim, NJ
O'Neill, DMPratt, LC
Rice, JRuston, A
Ryan, SMSiewert, R
Smith, DASmith, DPB
Steele-John, JSterle, G
Storer, TRUrquhart, AE
Waters, LJWatt, M
Whish-Wilson, PSWilliams, JR
Anning, FBernardi, C
Georgiou, PGriff, S
Hanson, PLeyonhjelm, DE
Patrick, RL (teller)

Question agreed to.