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Wednesday, 9 November 2016
Page: 2352

The Senate divided. [15:56]

(The President—Senator Parry)

DIVISION:NOES 44 (39 majority) AYES 5 PAIRS 0
Burston, BCulleton, RN
Hanson, PLeyonhjelm, DE (teller)
Roberts, M
Back, CJBilyk, CL
Bushby, DCCameron, DN
Carr, KJChisholm, A
Collins, JMADi Natale, R
Dodson, PDuniam, J
Farrell, DFierravanti-Wells, C
Fifield, MPGallacher, AM
Gallagher, KRGriff, S
Hanson-Young, SCHinch, D
Hume, JKakoschke-Moore, S
Ketter, CRKitching, K
Lambie, JLines, S
Marshall, GMMcCarthy, M
McGrath, JMcKim, NJ
Moore, CMO'Neill, DM
Parry, SPaterson, J
Pratt, LCReynolds, L
Rhiannon, LRice, J
Siewert, RSmith, D
Sterle, GUrquhart, AE (teller)
Waters, LJWatt, M
Whish-Wilson, PSXenophon, N

Question negatived.