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Monday, 7 September 2015
Page: 6089


Senator Williams to move:

That the Senate notes that:

(a) the 43rd Australian Test cricket captain, Mr Michael Clarke, has retired from International cricket;

(b) the position of Australian cricket captain is regarded by many Australians as second only in stature to the office of Prime Minister;

(c) Michael Clarke:

(i) captained Australia in 47 of his 115 test matches, 74 of his 245 one day internationals and 18 of his 34 T20 games,

(ii) is the 4th highest run scorer in Australian test history with 8 643 runs,

(iii) retires with a highest score of 329 not out compiled in 2012,

(iv) led Australia to a 5 nil victory over England in the 2013-14 Ashes series and captained and top-scored in Australia's One Day World Cup victory in March 2015,

(v) amongst many awards during his career, was named as a Wisden Cricketer of the Year in 2010 and Wisden's Leading Cricketer in the World in 2012, and

(vi) displayed outstanding leadership of Australian cricket and in leading the nation's mourning at the tragic passing of fellow Australian player Mr Phillip Hughes in November 2014; and

(d) the Australian Government is providing over $1.4 million to Cricket Australia in 2015-16, principally to encourage increased participation, including the new Sporting Schools initiative.

Senator Bilyk to move:

That the Senate—

(a) notes that:

(i) National Asthma Week was held from 1 September to 7 September 2015,

(ii) the theme of National Asthma Week 2015 was 'You Care We Care—One Asthma Community',

(iii) asthma affects around one in four children, one in seven adolescents and one in ten adults,

(iv) 2.3 million Australians currently have asthma,

(v) asthma is the number one cause of hospital admissions amongst young children, and

(vi) while many in our community lead highly successful lives despite their asthma, asthma continues to be a significant burden for too many, including those who live below the poverty line and for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people; and

(b) congratulates Asthma Australia for its work promoting National Asthma Week and raising community awareness of asthma.

Senators O ' Sullivan and Canavan to move:

That the Senate notes—

(a) the ambition of the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, to bring 24/7 power to some 50 million households—the poorest of the poor—still living without electricity, by 2022;

(b) that India's Council on Energy, Environment and Water states that to manage its energy system over the next 10 to 15 years it is not a binary choice of coal or no coal, it has to be about cleaner coal combined with nuclear and hydropower;

(c) that a failure to exploit Australia's thermal coal exports will mean a higher global use of less efficient sources of thermal coal, and consequently higher levels of global carbon emissions;

(d) that Australian thermal coal exports are of the highest quality coal found anywhere in the world, generally reporting an energy content above 5 500 Kcal/kg which compares favourably to Indonesian coal which has an estimated range of between 4 200 and 5 200; and

(e) the importance of the ongoing development of the Australian coal mining industry, particularly in the Galilee Basin which, as the Queensland Minister for State Development, Mr Anthony Lynham, noted 'We can mine coal in Queensland, where we have the highest mine safety record in the world, we mine coal with environmental rigour, and we mine coal that's very efficient and economic to burn' and 'If we don't allow this to go ahead, coal is one of the most prolific minerals on Earth; there are many other sources of coal, but none as good as the coal we mine here'.

Senator Lazarus to move:

That the Senate—

(a) notes the significant contribution of Mr Bart Cummings to the Australian racing industry;

(b) recognises Mr Cummings' outstanding achievements, including:

(i) becoming a Member of the Order of Australia in 1982 as recognition for his services to the racing industry,

(ii) his induction into the Sport Australia Hall of Fame on 11 December 1991,

(iii) being awarded a Centennial Medal and carrying the Olympic torch in 2000,

(iv) being an inaugural inductee into the Australian Racing Hall of Fame, and

(v) winning an extraordinary number of renowned racing events for his consistent efforts, including but not limited to:

   â€¢   12 Melbourne Cups,

   â€¢   32 Derbys,

   â€¢   24 Oaks,

   â€¢   7 Caulfield Cups,

   â€¢   5 Cox Plates,

   â€¢   4 Golden Slippers,

   â€¢   5 Doncaster Handicaps,

   â€¢   13 Australian Cups,

   â€¢   11 Mackinnon Stakes,

   â€¢   8 Newmarket Handicaps,

   â€¢   5 Caulfield Guineas,

   â€¢   5 Thousand Guineas, and

   â€¢   16 Sires Produce Stakes; and

(c) acknowledges the passing of Mr Cummings and offers its sincerest condolences to his family, friends, industry colleagues and the broader racing community for the loss of such an extraordinary Australian icon.

Senator Leyonhjelm to move:

That the Select Committee on the Murray-Darling Basin Plan be authorised to hold private meetings otherwise than in accordance with standing order 33(1) during the sittings of the Senate, from 10 am, as follows:

(a) Thursday, 10 September 2015;

(b) Thursday, 17 September 2015;

(c) Thursday, 15 October 2015;

(d) Thursday, 12 November 2015;

(e) Thursday, 26 November 2015; and

(f) Thursday, 3 December 2015.

Senator Gallagher to move:

That the Senate—

(a) notes significant support across the Australian community for a transition to an Australian republic with an Australian head of state; and

(b) acknowledges that any steps towards an Australian republic would require widespread community engagement which could include: holding a constitutional convention to discuss potential models for an Australian republic, a plebiscite to gauge support of the Australian population on a change from a constitutional monarchy to an Australian republic with an Australian head of state as well as a preferred model of appointment, and a constitutional referendum to adopt the preferred model for an Australian republic with an Australian head of state.

Senator Fifield to move:

That the provisions of paragraphs (5) to (8) of standing order 111 not apply to the following bills, allowing them to be considered during this period of sittings:

Aged Care Amendment (Independent Complaints Arrangements) Bill 2015

Banking Laws Amendment (Unclaimed Money) Bill 2015

Broadcasting Legislation Amendment (Primary Television Broadcasting Service) Bill 2015.