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Wednesday, 23 June 2021
Page: 104

The committee divided. [19:22]

(The Temporary Chair—Senator O'Neill)

DIVISION:NOES 42 (35 majority) AYES 7 PAIRS 0
Canavan, MJDavey, P (teller)
Hanson, PMcDonald, S
McKenzie, BMcMahon, S
Roberts, M
Abetz, EAntic, A
Birmingham, SJBragg, AJ
Brockman, SCash, MC
Chandler, CColbeck, R
Dodson, PDuniam, J
Faruqi, MFierravanti-Wells, C
Gallacher, AMGallagher, KR
Green, NHanson-Young, SC
Hughes, HHume, J
Lambie, JMcAllister, J
McCarthy, M (teller)McGrath, J
McKim, NJMcLachlan, A
O'Neill, DO'Sullivan, MA
Paterson, JPatrick, RL
Rennick, GRice, J
Ruston, ARyan, SM
Scarr, PSiewert, R
Small, BSmith, DA
Steele-John, JStoker, AJ
Thorpe, LAVan, D
Waters, LJWhish-Wilson, PS

Question negatived.