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Thursday, 3 December 2015
Page: 9916

The committee divided. [21:35]

(The Chairman—Senator Marshall)

DIVISION:NOES 29 (13 majority) AYES 16 PAIRS 0
Day, RJDi Natale, R
Hanson-Young, SCLazarus, GP
Leyonhjelm, DE (teller)Ludlam, S
Madigan, JJMcKim, NJ
Muir, RRhiannon, L
Rice, JSiewert, R
Simms, RAWang, Z
Whish-Wilson, PSXenophon, N
Back, CJBernardi, C
Brandis, GHBrown, CL
Bullock, JWBushby, DC
Canavan, MJCollins, JMA
Edwards, SFawcett, DJ
Gallagher, KRHeffernan, W
Johnston, DLindgren, JM
Lines, SMacdonald, ID
Marshall, GMMcEwen, A (teller)
McKenzie, BMoore, CM
Peris, NReynolds, L
Ronaldson, MRuston, A
Singh, LMSmith, D
Urquhart, AEWilliams, JR
Wong, P

Question negatived.