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Thursday, 3 December 2015
Page: 9907

Senator LAMBIE (Tasmania) (19:28): I would like to add to the debate. I do not think Senator Muir has anything more to say. The rowdy debate today and the chaos which has descended on the chamber backs up my call for drug and alcohol testing in this parliament. That would be the first thing. The Senate had a chance to get rid of a loophole which allowed almost 1,500 companies to remain on a secret list, which did not have to report to ASIC. The Greens deal with the government today and the level of political donations by people on the secret tax list and from the Chinese government to Australian political parties show just how corrupt our political system is. It is disgusting, absolutely disgusting.

A royal commissioner has said that there is a grave threat to the power and authority of Australians, and today I think we are on the tip of the iceberg of why—Merry Christmas and goodbye to the chance for ordinary Australians, who do not make big political donations, having their voice heard and valued in this place today.

So, Senator Cormann, through the Chair, I would like to know: out of these people who are exempt, how many of them are your political donors, and how much do they give in donations to the Liberal Party? Let's go.