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Thursday, 3 December 2015
Page: 9899

Senator DASTYARI (New South Wales) (18:53): I move:

At the end of the motion, add:

'but agrees to the amendment circulated in the name of Senator Dastyari on sheet 7831, which replaces amendment (3) with which the House has disagreed.'

Again, a lot of these points have been debated and covered quite extensively.

Senator Conroy: Sell-out rats.

Senator DASTYARI: I think the key phrase 'sell-out rats' has been used a few times already tonight.

Senator Lines: Sell-out Greens.

Senator DASTYARI: And 'sell-out Greens'. So, in the interest of moving forward with legislation, I do not believe we need to articulate the point that has already been made extensively.

Senator Lines: But you could.

Senator DASTYARI: I could, and perhaps I will. But let's just be very, very clear about what this is. This amendment insists on the $100 million threshold. That is what the proposal that we are about to vote on is. So the question here is: will we insist on the amendment that had already been moved to this legislation, which was supported by a majority of this Senate, or will we not support an amendment that already had majority support?

Senator Conroy: The Greens voted for it.

Senator DASTYARI: The Greens voted for it. So we will now find out whether they will go against the amendment that they already voted for that set $100 million as the threshold. So that there is no confusion at all: there is an amendment and it has already been passed. The Greens have voted for it already. The amendment I am moving will insist on that amendment. So let's just see how they choose to vote on it.