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Wednesday, 10 May 2023
Page: 1842

Senator DUNIAM (TasmaniaDeputy Manager of Opposition Business) (13:30): I rise to make a brief contribution about a terrific organisation in the state of Tasmania, Hobart Legacy. Legacy will be known to nearly everyone in this place for the wonderful work they do. I've become acquainted with two legatees, Peter Hodge and Graham Manning, who presented me with a book chronicling the 100 years of Hobart Legacy authored by Stefan Petrow, entitled Look After the Missus and Kids: A History of Hobart Legacy 1923 to 2023. It is a fantastic compilation of the history of a great organisation, and I want to pay tribute to the legatees who provide such essential and amazing support to many in our community that are left behind—also to the friends of Hobart Legacy, who, on a regular basis, you find around the Hobart community raising funds for the work that Hobart Legacy does.

At present, Hobart Legacy cares for around 900 widows and junior legatees. Legatee Manning was able to give me a bit of an outline of the fantastic work that they do in mentoring a number of these young people who sometimes, because of the situation they find themselves in and their background, require extra support. The work that the 70 volunteers they have at Hobart Legacy do for these legatees is just amazing. It's a huge relief to our government entities that would otherwise be seeking to support them. This work they do is a recognition of the sacrifice that these families have made. I can only commend Hobart Legacy and its members, led by legatee Peter Hodge, for the work they do. I say thank you and commend them for the work they will continue to do into the future.