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Tuesday, 29 March 2022
Page: 365

Senator CAROL BROWN (Tasmania) (13:36): In my two minutes today I'd like to highlight the incompetence of this government and the millions of dollars wasted. They throw millions of dollars at lawyers, at consultants and at outsourcing, and their continued incompetence has led to cost blowouts in projects in Tasmania. The cost of these blowouts on projects the Prime Minister promised back in 2019 has almost reached a staggering $250 million, ripping money away from health, from housing and from our state's most vulnerable. That's what the incompetence of this government has led to.

When asked why we are having these cost blowouts on projects that have not even started, even though many were promised in 2019, the Liberal member for Bass says the planning infrastructure sits with the state government. They blame the state Liberal government. The Liberal member for Braddon says the same thing: 'The federal government does not deliver projects.' These words could have come straight from the Prime Minister himself. Whenever Mr Morrison is called out on his failure, his response is the same: 'It is not my job.' No matter how much Liberal candidates try to distance themselves from Mr Morrison, a vote for the Liberal member for Bass or the Liberal member for Braddon is a vote for Mr Morrison and his wasteful ways—$250 million of wasted money that could have gone to the Tasmanian health system, the housing system and, as I've already said, our state's most vulnerable, particularly those seeking emergency— (Time expired)