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Thursday, 21 October 2021
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Senator GROGAN (South Australia) (18:52): I am also going to abandon what I was going to say and just respond to what has been said across the chamber just now. There are so many people in this country who rely on those support payments, and all the other additional support payments that were referred to, and they also would like a job. The understanding of those on the other side of the chamber that anyone who is unemployed is just a dole bludger, is lazy, just can't be bothered is a total and utter falsehood. There are people living below the poverty line in this country and they want a hand up. They want an education. They want to be able to get a job. And I can assure you that those employment services, whose praises have been sung, are not delivering on those promises. They are not providing the support that people need. It is Anti-Poverty Week and the biggest problem we have in this country is the attitude of some people to those who are disadvantaged, to those who are unwell, to those who cannot find a job. Thank you.