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Thursday, 25 June 2009
Page: 4281

Senator WONG (Minister for Climate Change and Water) (11:03 AM) —by leave—I just wanted to place on record again that it has been the government’s wish to deal with the CPRS this week. We have been unable to have this bill debated because of the tactics of the opposition and because of the majority they gained on procedural—

Opposition senators interjecting—

The PRESIDENT —Order! If those on my left want to seek the call, they are entitled to. Leave has been given by the chamber on a number of occasions this morning for people to make statements for two minutes.

Senator WONG —I thank the Senate. As I was saying, the government has been consistent in its determination to have this bill discussed and debated this week. We have been frustrated at every opportunity by the procedural tactics, delaying tactics and irresponsibility of the opposition. The benefit in this promotion from Senator Xenophon is that it brings down the bar on your filibustering and your delay because what it makes clear—

Senator Ian Macdonald —Mr President, I raise a point of order. Leave was given to make a statement, which usually means an explanation. This speaker is getting into debate and argument and accusation. That is not in the spirit of the leave given for a statement. Leave was not given for a debate.

The PRESIDENT —There is no point of order.

Senator WONG —Thank you, Mr President. The government’s view is that, given the behaviour of the opposition this week and the fact that the government have not had the majority in this chamber for debate, we want to bring down the boom on the filibustering, the delaying tactics and the avoidance of a vote on the other side. So what this motion will mean is that the next time we come back here the opposition will finally have to have a position, which has thus far been completely lacking, on the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme.