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Thursday, 25 June 2009
Page: 4277

Senator LUDWIG (Manager of Government Business in the Senate) (10:43 AM) —by leave—As I understand it, where we are now is with the last remaining motions about the chamber management for the remainder of the day. The government’s preference in relation to this is to continue to pursue the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme. We want to amend Senator Xenophon’s motion to try to achieve that and we do want to press that with a division. However, having had extensive consultation around this chamber, we do understand that the numbers are, in fact, against us in relation to this matter. We do understand that we will not be able to achieve that. We do then have to consider what our next position will be in foreshadowing that next position. It is a way of at least trying to manage the remaining time that we have available. The time, everyone rightly has pointed out, is slipping away from us.

The next position we would seek is support for a motion which would deal with the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme in August. That would be the sensible course of action because we want to be able to conclude the debate on the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme. It is a matter that the Rudd government took to the election. We do want a cap-and-trade system in place. We do want the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme finalised. That motion would give us the opportunity to do just that in August. It is not our best or preferred position; however, I foreshadow that that will be our course of action. The government will then seek to move a motion to deal with the hours for the remainder of the day, so that we can finalise those bills that are required to be dealt with before the winter recess. (Time expired)