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Tuesday, 25 November 2008
Page: 7264

Senator XENOPHON (9:35 PM) —I am grateful for that response but, as I understand it, the minister’s role is after the event in the sense that there will be an audit of whatever water savings are achieved—if there are any water savings achieved—after the event, and the criteria for the audit are restricted to the matters which the minister must consider, such as the impact on listed species. In addition to the matters that I have raised, can the minister clarify, in relation to the water savings, how the audit process will be undertaken, what the nature of such an audit will be and, further, whether it will consider the matters raised by the Victorian Auditor-General as to the assertions made by the Victorian government on water savings, which were the subject of quite trenchant criticism by the Victorian Auditor-General in his report of April 2008?