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Monday, 24 November 2008
Page: 19

Senator HANSON-YOUNG (5:34 PM) —I would firstly like to indicate the Greens support for the government amendments, but I also have a question to put to the minister if I could. In the Senate committee’s recommendation (3), the committee recommends:

... that the Government give further consideration to what administrative or regulatory mechanisms may be available to appropriately manage the impact of the reforms on same-sex couples who may have benefits reduced under the changes.

The last time we were discussing this bill, if you remember, the Greens moved an amendment which was not passed—and I accept that. I just wanted to know what the minister’s response to how we manage the possible negative ramifications for people, at least in the initial period, may be to any benefits that may change. I have read out the recommendation from the committee but, if the minister could please elaborate on how the government would deal with these impacts, that would be wonderful.